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Late is Better than Never
by Sven Paulsen on Aug 11, 2006
Hi fellas,

Sorry it has been a while since our last update but sometimes we get carried away with other important things in life. However, we haven't been lazy either. ;)

We have been working on making text chatting in TeamSpeak 3 an entirely different, and much improved experience compared to TeamSpeak 2. Remember how it took two clicks for each text message you wanted to send using TeamSpeak 2? Well now you can just type along without any clicking at all, just as you do on IRC and many popular Instant Messengers. In addition, within the text messages and other areas of TeamSpeak 3 such as welcome messages, channel descriptions, etc. you can use BBCode for formatting - e.g. [B]my bold text[/B]. Those of you who don't know BBCode yet - don't panic, since there will be nifty, easy-to-use buttons to access this functionality.

Another feature already working in TeamSpeak 3 is connecting to multiple TeamSpeak servers from within one client, much like tabbed browsing, just 'tabbed voice-comming' so to say. There is a lot more work to this feature than the innocent bystander might think, but despite a few bugs we're still working on fixing, this feature is almost completely done.
What the Devs have been Up to
by Sven Paulsen on Jun 11, 2006
Hi fellas,

We would like to take the opportunity to point out a few important details regarding TeamSpeak 3:
  • There are no plans to make any radical changes to the way TeamSpeak is licensed and used.
  • Non-commercial end users (i.e. - most gaming clans/guilds) and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) will still be allowed to host servers for free, and of course run clients for free.
  • All commercial entities will still have to pay licensing fees based on slot count. There currently aren't any plans to change our pricing for commercial hosters either.
The most popular topic, the release date, is still somewhat unknown. Our current, best guess estimate (or hope :D) is to reach feature set completeness by Q4 of 2006. Please understand we will not move into an open testing situation (i.e. - Open BETA) until we are confident that our product is 100% ready for the public. In essence, and in an effort to provide you with the highest degree of quality in TeamSpeak 3, we will continue to state that TeamSpeak 3 is "done when it's done". However, we will also continue to make our very best efforts to bring you with additional updates and ETAs regarding our development progress, test phases, and release dates.

In terms of testing here is the deal:
  • We are currently in the ALPHA phase, which will last until our new TeamSpeak 3 feature set is complete.
  • Once we are feature complete, there will (hopefully) be a short, Closed BETA with more participants.
  • After the Closed BETA is finished we will move into Open BETA stress testing.
  • When we are 100% satisfied with the quality of TeamSpeak 3, we will release a final version... and we will host a "TeamSpeak 3 Release Party" - details to be determined at a future date. :)
On development aspects (which are always difficult to discuss, since we don't want to spoil the surprise by openly telling you all the goodies we have in store) we are currently working on implementing the permissions system within TeamSpeak 3. It will be similar to what is present in TeamSpeak 2, but will contain far greater flexibility - for example, by allowing admins to create "custom user groups". Sorry, but we just can't tell you any more at this time, everything else is classified (for now)! :P

Stay tuned!
Igloo and Development Updates
by Peter Kirk on May 1, 2006
Hi fellas,

It has been some time since our last developer blog. In celebration of making significant progress on several key milestones within TeamSpeak 3, during the early days of April the developer team moved "TeamSpeak Headquarters" up to nearly 2000m above sea-level, where we battled the elements building igloos and generally had a lot of fun. On this subject, if anybody reading this has mastered the art of building igloos and wants to share their knowledge we will offer whoever gives us a course on igloo building a place in the future closed beta for TeamSpeak 3.

On software developing aspects we have begun to use TeamSpeak 3 for our daily work and are gathering data concerning performance and stability. As part of this measure we have also begun to distribute binaries (and of course revised NDAs :D) to our privately selected alpha testers for stress testing. Due to the extensive testing and use of the client and server software we have spent a lot of time ironing out bugs and adding features that we felt were required for our daily work. It is also noteworthy to mention that the server has so far exceeded our expectations in performance and stability and is absolutely rock-solid and runs like a charm.

Please stay tuned to our dev blogs for future updates on TeamSpeak 3 progress. Thank you all for your continued support and hail to the igloo-building gods!
TeamSpeak 3 Release System
by Ralf Ludwig on Mar 12, 2006
Hello there,

A month has passed, and we have some interesting news for you. Apart from the continuous effort that we put into the development of TeamSpeak 3, there are naturally several challenges that we need to meet. One of these challenges is our main topic for this developer blog entry. It is the release system, which is basically responsible for getting downloadable binaries into the download section of, or (while we are still in BETA) to get these binaries into our BETA portal.

Basically the release system is made up of two parts, the first part is responsible for building binaries from the source-code we produce. Note this is not just building two binaries (server and client), but rather combinations of operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and architectures (e.g. 32-Bit/64-Bit, universal binary) that need to be built. On this job we are proud to announce our new "employee", which we've coined "mountrobson". His specs are a dual CPU Tyan mainboard with two (dual core) Opteron CPUs (Italy 275, 2200 MHz) and 8 GB of ECC memory.

The other part of the release system concerns the automated upload of the generated binaries, complete with a changelog and other information. While we are still using the BETA portal to distribute the binaries there will be automated emails going out to all registered testers that have access to the file announcing the availability of a new version.

As you can imagine putting this together has been some work, but it will make deploying binaries to the testers (or later end users) so much simpler and faster for us developers. The time we save by not having to build 10+ binaries on our 'slow' workstations and by not having to upload these files manually to their destinations, and not having to enter changelogs and send out mails will be put directly back into further developing TeamSpeak 3.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

- The TeamSpeak Development Team
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