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TeamSpeak 3 Development Updates
by Sven Paulsen on Sep 25, 2006
Hello world!

The clock hasn't stopped ticking for us developers during the past few weeks. So here we are again to present you with our latest achievements.

While we are building up the new, powerful server query (formerly known as TCP query) component to TeamSpeak 3 we are also preparing new, detailed documentation for your use. In addition, the server query can now be switched into an interactive mode which gives you the ability to use the up/down cursor keys for cycling between the last given commands. You can also use the backspace key to edit the current command-line.

We're also making significant progress on our new web interface. The web interface will not be part of the server. Instead it will consist of a PHP-based web application, which can handle multiple virtual servers and server instances at once. The main application of this new interface will be for server farming or maintenance of servers by host providers, since normal end-users will be able to do all configuration and administration of the server from within the new TeamSpeak 3 client. Since the web interface uses the server query to interact with the server, the server query has consequently become a very powerful tool (happy day for all script developers).

Additionally we are also busy fixing numerous bugs, which our ALPHA test team found.

Stay tuned!
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