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Some new Development Updates
by Sven Paulsen on Sep 18, 2007
Hello everybody!

Since our last developer blog entry we have completed numerous objectives toward completing TeamSpeak 3. As this blog's featured content, we want to provide you with the changelog of our latest ALPHA client release. Below you can see the original email which is sent by our build system automatically to all our closed ALPHA testers (and please don't ask - you still CANNOT apply to be an ALPHA or BETA tester yet):

Subject: New Client Release ******
To: ******
From: TeamSpeak - BETA Portal
Date: 18/09/2007 13:54

We have just added some new binaries to our BETA Portal website:
  • Linux 32-Bit Client
  • Linux 64-Bit Client
  • Windows 32-Bit Client
This is the description that we gave:
  • Improved core performance.
  • Ping values are not as accurate anymore.
  • Linux users can also bind mouse buttons as (part of) hotkeys.
  • Protocol changes that make old clients incompatible with the new server, so UPGRADE to this new version already :)
  • Also convert https:// and ftp:// links to BBCode URLs. Fixes Mantis #225.
  • Do not print empty lines to chatlog. Fixes Mantis #224.
  • Reset chattab alignment to left after using [right] or [center] BBCode.
  • Implemented URL Catcher. All typed URLs are collected and displayed in window opened in menu Tools -> Collected URLs.
  • Added support for translations. Files "translations/ts3_xx.qm" will be made available in Language dropdown box in application options. Changing translation requires to restart the client.
  • Added German translation created by dante696.
  • Better menu integration for Mac OS X client.
  • Faster way to scroll chattab to end of text.
  • Enclose URL links with BBCode in channel descriptions (fixes Mantis #258).
  • Added option to use brushed metal style (Mac OS X client only).
  • No "Switch Channel" menu item for contextmenu of current channel.
  • No double-click to attempt joining current channel (disabled for server stresstest).
  • Added key shortcut to Bookmarks menu.
  • Bookmarks manager window closes with ESC key.
  • New simplified options page to configure Hotkeys, replacing the old Bindings page.
  • New hotkey actions "Switch to Channel/Server/Next Channel/Previous Channel".
  • Show only one password dialog for each channel.
To gain access to the new release, please go to the address below:


Do not reply to this message! Any reply to this message will be deleted by our system.

The TeamSpeak Team

Once again, TeamSpeak 3 is still in closed ALPHA, and this client is NOT available for public download.

As you can see, we have quite a long list of changes (and these are only the changes since our last ALPHA client release, 14 days ago). We are still hoping to reach BETA stage (feature completness) before the snow melts.

Some of you might wonder why there is no Mac Intel/PPC, Windows 64-Bit binary listed in the email. This is due to the fact that our ALPHA team does not utilize these platforms yet. This certainly does not mean that these versions don't exist. ;)

Stay tuned to our site for more updates soon! We're excited to be moving forward!

Thank you!
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