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Client Scripting Capabilities and Translations
by Peter Strempel on Dec 17, 2007
Hi folks,

Looking at the forums, people seem to eagerly await the next developer blog entry. We apologize for being late. On the other hand, we are working hard on TeamSpeak 3, and - like our users - we want to see it released to the public sooner rather than later.

Since the previous blog entry we have done a lot of work on greatly improving the voice quality and transmission performance. Our goal is to offer our users crystal-clear voice quality powered by state-of-the-art technology. This requires time and effort, but we want our software to be the very best voice application available. The results so far are very promising, and we are confident most people will agree that TeamSpeak 3's voice quality is superior to TeamSpeak 2 and many other applications currently available today.

Another goal is to offer the option to customize and tweak the client to one's needs, while still making the overall application as user friendly as possible. Many settings will now allow the user to adjust the client's behavior and appearance, but the real power lies in the recently added ability to script the client with Lua. Lua is a powerful and easy to learn scripting language, used in many games out there such as World of Warcraft and FarCry. So some of our more advanced users might already be familiar with this language. Lua knowledge is in no way required to run TeamSpeak 3, but we hope that some folks will come up with great scripts to customize the client to their liking or cater to the special needs of their guild or clan.

Besides Lua scripting, which affects the functionality of the client, TeamSpeak 3 will also allow users to fine-tune the client's look and feel. So for example if you want to customize the appearance of the TeamSpeak 3 client for your guild or clan, you can easily do so. If you want pink buttons, you can have them. Well, then again you don't have to use pink buttons... :)

Another way to customize the TeamSpeak 3 client is by use of language translations. We have created a component which allows users to add translations on-the-fly directly using the client. The translation files are simply dropped into a special folder and the client can then be switched to the given language.

At the moment, the client's default language is written in English but we already have a German translation as well. This in mind, the main point is to have one test-run translating the application, so we can acquire some experience with internationalization and make sure our translation module works.

Users in our forums have had numerous translation requests recently. Our plan is to stick with English and German for now and add more translations once we enter our open BETA test phase. So no need to ask if you can translate TeamSpeak 3 at the moment, once it is available to the public you will be able to do it yourself and, if you so desire, send the translation files to us for review and possible inclusion in the official installer. Translating requires no programming knowledge and is actually pretty easy. Detailed instructions will be made available once we reach our testing phase in open BETA.

Stay tuned!
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