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TS3 Updates and New Screenshots
von Peter Kirk am Oct 31, 2008
Hi everybody,

Here we are again with exciting news regarding the latest TeamSpeak 3 developments. Lots of progress has been made in the last several months. You might have seen that on our website we now have the TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit available by request, so we have been getting lots of inquiries there and we also have been working with numerous companies interested in TeamSpeak 3 voice integration for a while now. The stability and availability of the SDK shows that the core TeamSpeak 3 components are almost finished. All the basic features are available and the frequency of errors or crashes is low. Currently our programming time is devoted to clean up work and finishing touches. Also, some more advanced features are being finished.

On a different note we are currently searching for a few additional Alpha testers. Note that we are looking only for qualified, experienced Linux and Mac users - as opposed to those that use Windows primarily. Those of you who are interested, please check out the following application form and be sure to read the requirements very carefully before considering to apply.


One more thing that many of you have been asking for...we can now present you with a screenshot of the full TeamSpeak 3 Client, as we have managed to clean up the interface and icons enough to be able to present something that looks a little more polished, but bare in mind that this is still work in progress and is NOT necessarily indicative of the final product. We will be spending more work and time improving the look and feel aspect before we go public.

Stay tuned - and we hope to get to know some of you as our new Linux/Mac closed Alpha testers!
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