Client 32-bit 3.0.16  
SHA1: 3e5959329772d5f4a18d87a3d36dfd1c491315d1
Client 64-bit 3.0.16  
SHA1: 03bfa364388a1972b88ed3b63a25b49eb27e90fb
Server 32-bit  
SHA1: c1edaec37af95324bbc8da6dc94b21aaddacdf87
Server 64-bit  
SHA1: d3c107ee4c736365b2e17dd034cdb8ff863f4795

Mac OS X
Client 3.0.16  
SHA1: 4ad88f56277ad2169d788ced8a7018d48d2eff22
SHA1: 817d76b26e713ec3b62177c355e673ecd3cb8b20

Client amd64 3.0.16  
SHA1: 8b8155765a1f0d7b3c79417d8abfde6f4346f4d2
Client x86 3.0.16  
SHA1: b2d7cdb73a709ed025ecd53931a0d9158e90aede
Server amd64  
SHA1: 07f2c6baac0c0b2cfd020e9b44ce6c514eae4e8c
Server x86  
SHA1: b3ae189b1d7d11c755d260a15d175517fa824afb

iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad)
Client (Requires iOS 6.1 or later)  

Client (Requires Android 2.3.3 or later)  

Server amd64  
SHA1: 3106b00606efeb6bef94e884939846d0987bbd20
Server x86  
SHA1: 57e5d79d7d07df53999f0f6ec08898639e295988

TeamSpeak 3 SDK (for integration with existing products/services)
All Platforms  
SHA1: 231ed606e42c63d9bb5d2ab51c7e723ce027c1b1

Client Plugin SDK (for client customization/extension)
All Platforms 3.0.16  
SHA1: c6b4b380b302ace7d05798805d1792bca28bb185

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  • Downloading from our site ensures that you will always have the very latest, virus-free version of our product.
  • You must acknowledge our License Agreement prior to downloading. Downloading from our website ensures that you are presented with the latest version of the TeamSpeak End User License Agreement.

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