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Online Gaming

Multiplayer online gaming represents an increasingly significant segment of the video game industry. In the early years of Internet based online gaming, gamers had to use in-game text based chat in order to communicate with their team mates, adding significant time costs to their online gaming experience.

Today, TeamSpeak has helped change all of that. With TeamSpeak, gamers can talk with one another in real-time while they are immersed in any online game with their friends and family. In addition, clans or guilds who compete online can setup private TeamSpeak servers, allowing their fellow team mates to organize themselves and speed up their actions without having to spend their precious time typing text or instructions for the rest of their team to follow.


TeamSpeak is the perfect Internet based VoIP solution for any educational environment.

Teachers & Students
With superior voice quality, TeamSpeak can easily and effectively facilitate communication between teachers and students, or even students and students. TeamSpeak allows teachers to provide instant feedback and assistance to their students, conduct online classes, and is perfect for foreign language learning and practice. TeamSpeak is also ideal for online tutoring, student operated study groups, or long distance education and learning. You can also embed TeamSpeak within any web page for simple connectivity to a specific public or private TeamSpeak server. Embedding TeamSpeak as a link on your website takes a single line of code.

Corporate Training
Utilizing TeamSpeak for corporate training and education can be among one of the most cost-effective strategies in long distance collaboration within your company. If you're searching for an alternative to expensive per-minute fees provided by traditional telephone conferencing services, TeamSpeak may be exactly what you're looking for. Crystal clear VoIP communication as well as versatile channel configurations and permissions structures provide the host with full control over the group's session. Tired of relying on employees to read meeting minutes when they've missed an important meeting? Record your next corporate meeting using TeamSpeak, then publish your recorded meeting within your company's Intranet for download!

Religious Communities or Special Interest Groups
With TeamSpeak you can easily stay connected with your fellow church members or start a special interest group and invite others to join. Whether you seek a private communication medium, or would prefer to host a server open to the public, TeamSpeak is an ideal solution to help communicate your interests with others online.

Government and Military

Government and military institutions can utilize TeamSpeak within any private TCP/IP network to provide an effective, low-cost, conference-based solution to their personnel. In addition, if you're in the military and are looking for an alternative to limited, prepaid calling cards, TeamSpeak may be the ideal solution for you. With TeamSpeak you can talk to any of your loved ones at any time and for any duration. Stop worrying about how many minutes you have left and start talking with your friends and family for pennies on the dollar using crystal clear VoIP technology provided by TeamSpeak.


Whether you wish to stay connected with your long distance friends and family for little to no cost*, trade stock online while speaking in real time with your peers, or record your personal conversations to enjoy for years to come, TeamSpeak is the perfect solution. With TeamSpeak you can create a private or public server where you define the rules and permissions, and you'll have complete control over who is and is not allowed on your server. No typing is necessary at all, simply install TeamSpeak, connect a microphone or multimedia headset to your PC and start talking. It's fast and easy!
* Excludes Internet service, connectivity charges, or TeamSpeak server hosting costs.