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Do NOT Download or Execute FAKE TeamSpeak Patch
by Florence Espinoza on May 11, 2007

If you participate in our forums, you may have recently received an email asking you to download a "patch.exe" file. Please do NOT download or execute this file.

The phony email contained the following text:

Now you can download new Team Speak patch. It will help you to use our
Team Speak servers.
We advise you to download it now

Recently a security exploit on our website allowed an intruder to send a mass-email to all registered forums users, informing them of a supposed patch for TeamSpeak. This email was FAKE and MALICIOUS in nature. We have been working around the clock to address this issue and as of this moment it is now RESOLVED. Please keep in mind we take these matters very seriously and are always doing everything we possibly can to ensure that your visit to our website is safe and secure.

Please visit this forum for more information on this topic.

Seasons Greetings
by Florence Espinoza on Dec 30, 2006

Seasons greetings everyone!

The TeamSpeak team wishes you a Happy New Year and hopes that your holidays were as joyful as ours. We are very excited about the progress we've made in 2006 and even more excited about future developments which we have in store for 2007. We thank you for continuing to make TeamSpeak your VoIP product of choice.

Changes to TeamSpeak EULA
by Florence Espinoza on Dec 1, 2006

Our official sales and licensing partner, Triton CI & Associates, LLC, has made several important updates to the TeamSpeak EULA, some of which will directly affect existing licensed NPOs. We ask that you please review the EULA by clicking HERE and please contact with any questions you may have.

Thank you.

TeamSpeak Mentioned in South Park Episode
by Florence Espinoza on Oct 11, 2006

Episode 8 of South Park, Season 10, titled "Make Love, Not Warcraft" was aired October 4th on Comedy Central. This Episode featured the South Park boys dedicating "their lives to defeating a mad gamer and saving the World of Warcraft". TeamSpeak was mentioned numerous times within the episode as the South Park boys communicated online and worked together toward defeating their PvP rival.

We are humbly thankful for the producers that saw the natural fit to present the South Park boys playing their favorite online game while using TeamSpeak to communicate with one another. This is a big win for the TeamSpeak community and we thank you all for continuing to choose TeamSpeak among all other communication mediums.

Missed the episode? Try visiting the South Park Studios or Comedy Central websites. Enjoy! =)

Third Party Resources Area Opened
by Sven Paulsen on Aug 8, 2006

The TeamSpeak Development Team would like to proudly introduce to you the new Third Party Resources section of our website. You'll find this new area at the bottom of the "TEAMSPEAK" menu to your left or by clicking here. The purpose of this area is to facilitate the TeamSpeak community with a centralized resource for obtaining third party software, scripts, and other useful items related to our product. Advanced TeamSpeak users should particularly find many useful items here to assist you with everything from security tweaks, such as anti-flood scripts, to TeamSpeak UI customization.

We're very excited to see how this community-based project will evolve and we certainly hope you'll pay a visit and contribute to the Third Party Resources section of our site.


TeamSpeak Systems Opens New Office in Germany
by Florence Espinoza on May 20, 2006

The TeamSpeak Development Team recently opened a new office in Essen Germany to facilitate the growth of TeamSpeak Systems and the ongoing development of TeamSpeak. Moving into the new facility will have an immediate, positive effect on productivity as the team introduces new hardware to help minimize the time it takes to compile TeamSpeak over cross-platform design.

Among the recent investment in new hardware which required additional office space, the TeamSpeak Development Team is also planning ahead for hiring future employees. The new office is now in full operation and the ongoing development of TeamSpeak 3 is scheduled to continue as planned.

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