Holiday Greetings & TS3 Final
by Florence on Dec 30, 2010

Hello fellow TeamSpeak communities!

Happy holiday greetings and warm wishes from everyone at TeamSpeak. We want to remind you that our Addons Contest featuring a $3000 cash grand prize and prizes from Alienware, Razer, and Bigfoot Networks has been extended. The new deadline to vote or submit your addon for a chance to win is now February 15th 2011. Those of you who requested more time to work on addons have received their wish so get going and vote on existing addons or submit your addon for a chance at winning the grand prize!

We are also pleased to announce that TeamSpeak 3 is almost feature complete, and TeamSpeak 3 FINAL will be released sometime in Q1 of 2011. In terms of development we are in the process of dotting our last I's and crossing our last T's. You can expect that within the next few weeks we will release a release candidate (RC1). This will bring TeamSpeak 3 one step closer toward Final release and mark the end of open beta.

TeamSpeak 3 features we are currently working on finalizing include:
  • A basic/advance toggle mode for the permissions system to help less experienced server admins. The basic permissions mode will be the default startup mode for new server installs.
  • An overhauled sound system which features echo cancelation and significant reduction in voice latency.
  • A completely redone default sound pack (much higher sound quality, recorded in a studio by a voiceover professional).
  • An improved TCP stack which addresses several performance and stability issues for some of our larger hosters.

We wish you a happy 2011 new year and hope that TeamSpeak will continue to be a part of your voice communication needs. Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,

- TeamSpeak Team
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