RC1 Released, iPhone/Android Coming Soon!
by Florence on May 10, 2011


We are pleased to announce the release of TeamSpeak 3.0.0-rc1 today. RC1 means "release candidate 1" so this is in fact a major release, which is now available to all users via the client's auto-update feature, or via our downloads page for new installations. RC1 marks the beginning of the end of open beta. This means you can expect TeamSpeak 3.0 Final to be released in the coming weeks.

RC1 addresses numerous issues, bug fixes, and contains several improvements and changes over prior versions, some of the most substantial of which include:
  • A complete rewrite of the sound system resulting in improved compatibility, performance, and new possibilities for future enhancements to TeamSpeak.
  • New default sound pack although we are still working on the effect filters.
  • Basic vs. Advanced permissions system toggle for less experienced server admins (Basic is the default).
  • New native plugins, including in-game overlay which displays information regarding which users are currently speaking within any DirectX and OpenGL games. Please note this plugin is still undergoing fixes/tweaks.

For a complete changelog, select Help > View Changelog after installing RC1.
If you experience any issues with TeamSpeak 3 RC1, please report them to this thread in our forums. We will do our best to address issues prior to the Final release, but we need as much feedback from you as possible.
How do I update to RC1?
The easiest way is to use the auto-update feature within TeamSpeak (launch the client and choose Help > Check for Updates from the pull down menu). For new installs you can also download RC1 from our downloads page.

I have run into problems with RC1, is there a way for me to downgrade back to beta36?
Please don't forget to report your issue in the above forum thread first. Then, if you need to downgrade back to beta36 you can do so by following this link.

TeamSpeak 3 Client for iPhone and Android Coming Soon!
We are thrilled at the attention our iPhone/iPod client demo received at the GDC earlier this year. Therefore, we are also pleased to announce that iPhone and Android client development is still in progress, and will also be available for download soon in the App Store or the Android Market. Our goal is to release both the iPhone and Android client when TeamSpeak 3 Final is released.

Here are a few screenshots of the latest iPhone prototype:

Please visit our site often for additional updates. As TeamSpeak 3 Final approaches, we are also going to commit to more frequent Facebook and Twitter updates so please be sure to follow us if you are not already doing so.

Thank you!

- TeamSpeak Team
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