Overwolf Launches TeamSpeak Widget
by Florence on Dec 14, 2011

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Overwolf, a company specializing in developing in-game overlay software containing advanced web browsing, video capture and playback capabilities, as well as social networking widgets for online gamers. TeamSpeak users who install Overwolf will now be able to launch a TeamSpeak widget while they play to get FULL TeamSpeak UI functionality in-game. In addition, the widget includes in-game notifications for server events such as who has just joined or left your server and who is currently speaking. With Overwolf and TeamSpeak, users can also administer their server, change voice settings, manage channels or do just about anything they want with TeamSpeak without leaving their game.

"In-game support has always been one of the top feature requests from our users," said Florence Espinoza, CEO of TeamSpeak USA, Inc. "With Overwolf, we have found a way to extend almost the entire, vast feature set of communication tools TeamSpeak offers its players on the desktop now as a fully functional in-game experience."

"TeamSpeak is probably the most advanced communication solution available for gamers worldwide," said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. "In-game TeamSpeak support was one of the most requested features by our users, and we are very happy to deliver. This is an excellent utilization of our unique in-game technology and platform."

Check out the following video to see the Overwolf client with TeamSpeak widget in action:

...then visit and download Overwolf for free!


UPDATE: The initial release will only support the 32bit version of the TeamSpeak client (64bit will be supported soon). TeamSpeak users who don't want to wait for an update can simply uninstall their 64bit TeamSpeak client, download the 32bit version and begin using the widget immediately. Overwolf itself currently supports Windows XP, Vista and & 7 (32bit and 64bit) operating systems.

- TeamSpeak Team

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