New TeamSpeak3 Client and Server released today
by Andreas on Mar 4, 2013

Today we released a new client and a new server version of TeamSpeak3. With these releases we added new features and functions. Some of these for example are Opus as a new codec for our software and an updated QT for better Windows 8 compatibility.

Opus comes in a voice and a music mode. Opus voice is a sophisticated codec that fits all needs towards a great voice quality while still using hardly any bandwidth. Opus music provides a codec which will allow you to play music via TeamSpeak or even run a virtual chorus.

For a list of all new functions and features of the TeamSpeak Client 3.0.10 and TeamSpeak server 3.0.7 please check out the announcements on our forum:

Please note that the TeamSpeak Client 3.0.10 is required to connect to a TeamSpeak server 3.0.7. Our existing user will see upgrade information with the next start of their TeamSpeak Client. The new client remains backwards compatible, i.e. it can still connect to TeamSpeak3 Servers that are not yet upgraded to the newest 3.0.7 release, so there is no reason to delay the client upgrade.

iPhone users will have to update their TeamSpeak 3 app to version 3.1.0. This version is now available for download.
Android Beta users already have all code integrated to connect to TeamSpeak server 3.0.7.

We are sure that you will enjoy the new features and functions provided with this release.
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