We would like to thank the following Global Partners...


For us, perfect sound is quintessential. Founded in Berlin in 1924 and today headquartered in Heilbronn, beyerdynamic is one of the leading manufacturers of audio industry. For more than 80 years, our technicians in Germany have been developing and making audio equipment that meets the highest demands in terms of sound and quality for a teadily growing number of customers. Our goal is to be one step ahead through innovation. Headphones, microphones and headsets are developed and handcrafted in Heilbronn. Each of our products contains a little bit of our passion for an exquisite sound experience.



Overwolf adds apps into PC games. Its rich inventory includes apps like an In-game chrome browser, Game capture and Twitch streaming! Overwolf has been chosen by TeamSpeak to be their official overlay solution.
The Overwolf Appstore features a wide variety of killer apps made by everyday gamers. Overwolf boasts a JavaScript based API (codename KAIGOS - Kick Ass In Game OS), that allows gamers to easily develop and create apps for games such as WvW timers for Guild Wars 2, Jungle timers for League of Legends and much more. Coming soon, players will be able to develop TeamSpeak overlay apps using an extended version of the API.



ROCCAT™ GmbH, founded in 2007, is a young company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. ROCCAT™ Studios develops, produces and markets professional gaming accessories, and has an international presence with additional offices in Los Angeles (USA), Shenzhen (China), and Taipei (Taiwan). ROCCAT™ is represented in over 60 countries and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gaming peripherals. ROCCAT™ products set new benchmarks with trend research, innovations and landmark concepts forming the basis of its dynamic team's success. Every product is impressive, boasting extreme precision, first-class ease-of-use and a distinctive, eye-catching design. ROCCAT™ first established a name for itself with its powerful, multi-award-winning Kone Gaming Mouse, which continues to be a benchmark product to this day. Countless international awards testify to the ingenious design and outstanding quality of ROCCAT™ products.