TeamSpeak SDK Downloads

Client & Server Integration

TeamSpeak 3 SDK

SHA256: EE713FDFF77682FB1A2912F636A61E0E8063BCC23E4BBD817C34C7F21E42DFDE

TeamSpeak 3 SDK 3.0.4 (C# Wrapper)

SHA256: cce967f824c2eb76375940e824830b9e139d80428d8f8ae25a43fb9b9ef184cd


TeamSpeak 3 Package Unity 5 (SDK

SHA256: 43844DFD32DC0008F5E02BC6E213EAC44F100403C0E5DDA02B40BC4FF3C75D7E

TeamSpeak 3 Package Unity 2017.1 (SDK

SHA256: 4716EF0BEEF1A0F92A2988ED3A2F1C9504B7C799A037F842B49E786036245B1B

TeamSpeak 3 Package Unity 2018 2.11 (SDK

SHA256: EB8D5F2D262C41D06F109149B55065B111A3248E34041674E7EB6ED9F741CCE7

Client Customization

Plugin SDK API 22 (Client 3.1.1 or later)

SHA256: ee788e81dc7d515a538175cda92f68ba114b503e226fe726689f3e5264abdcaf


We strongly recommend that you only download TeamSpeak from our website. This ensures that you will have the very latest, virus-free version of our product. Mirroring or linking directly to our files is prohibited without our express, written consent.

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