Communicate with your team in crystal-clear sound, with military-grade security and lag-free performance.

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Why TeamSpeak®?

From a simple download to our fully integrated white label option, TeamSpeak® provides a complete VoIP solution for your organisation's communication needs.

With over 17 years experience, TeamSpeak® provides best-in-class voice clarity, rock solid military-grade security, total privacy, ultra low latency and the lowest resource usage of any VoIP software available.

By using TeamSpeak® you are safe in the knowledge that your communication tool will never let you down, so you can concentrate on your core business, rather than niggling IT issues.

We pride our selves on providing you with the best internal communication systems. What really makes TeamSpeak® stand out is that our software puts YOU in complete control.

Unlike other solutions, we don’t force you to use our servers. We don't and never will harvest your data. We don’t tell you how things should work or look.

It’s your business. We let YOU decide.

TeamSpeak®. Your Voice. Your Way.

TeamSpeak®. Tried. Tested. Trusted.

An out-of-this-world VoIP solution. TeamSpeak® supplies mission-critical voice communication solutions to some of the world’s finest.
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Get crystal-clear, lag-free communication with our integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation.

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Designed with privacy in mind, we do not have access to your voice or text chat data, and there is no sign-up required.

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Integrated Military-Grade Security as standard. With TS3, AES-based encryption can be enabled for the entire server, or even just specific channels.

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Be in complete control with our powerful, best-in-market, hierarchical permission system. Decide who can talk, who can join channels and much more.

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Be at the heart of the game with Positional Audio. Hear your team mates within a 360º soundscape, giving you the edge when executing your next game plan.

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Be 100% confident of your privacy and security. TeamSpeak® can be hosted from anywhere. Literally anywhere. You are not tied to our servers, and we do not harvest your data.

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Issue commands while you're AFK. With our mobile TeamSpeak® apps for Android and iOS, you’ll never be far from the action.

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Keep your eyes on the action with the official TeamSpeak® in-game overlay from Overwolf. Quickly access TeamSpeak® voice controls, see who's talking, and receive notifications and messages where and when you need it most.

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Make TeamSpeak® your own and customize your client to meet your personal style with the included plugins, sound & icon packs, and themes. Choose from hundreds of add-ons created by the user community, or even create your own.

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Scale up from small group conversations to large conferences with thousands of participants with our advanced Client-Server architecture.

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Maximize your online collaborative experience. Easily store and share files with your community without having to mess with firewall issues.

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Need to keep your conversation under the radar? With direct messaging or team text chat, you can get the message across without the noise.

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The Power of the TeamSpeak® SDK

Featuring advanced codec implementation and cross-platform support, the TeamSpeak 3 SDK allows you complete control over your network infrastructure, resulting in stability within your product, while minimizing points of failure.

The TeamSpeak 3 SDK consists of the ClientLib and the ServerLib, and is delivered as shared libraries with a C style coding interface, to provide developers direct access to the flexible and feature-rich set of TeamSpeak 3's core functions using simple API calls.

With a standard C interface, the TeamSpeak® SDK can be easily integrated into high-level programming languages.

No matter what technology your application is using, the TeamSpeak® SDK will fit.

Easy to Start

We offer free kick-start consulting with extensive documentation. Numerous code examples help you to get started with our ready-made client and server to make TeamSpeak® fit into your game or project.

TeamSpeak® is proven by millions of users to be one of the most successful voice solutions of its kind ever created. TeamSpeak® SDK features the same core technology as our standard TeamSpeak 3 client and server software.

Customization & Support for UE and Unity

Easily integrate voice and text chat into your Unreal Engine or Unity project using our TeamSpeak 3 Unreal Engine Plugin or the TeamSpeak 3 Unity 5 Package. Launch and shut down virtual voice servers on-demand.

TeamSpeak 3 SDK was designed with scalability in mind to fit any game or application. Advanced features, such as 3D positional audio playback and access to raw voice data, will allow you to apply audio filters and fully customize the voice integration into your product.

Simple & Flexible Licensing Program

Evaluation licenses and kick-start consulting are available at no charge. Choose between a cloud and a self-hosted solution.

Let us handle the set-up, administration and bandwidth costs, or you can run the voice servers on your own infrastructure, allowing you complete control and customization of your deployment environment.

TeamSpeak® SDK customers receive technical support from our development team, backed by 17+ years of experience in the VoIP field.

Cross-Platform Support

TeamSpeak 3 interoperates across platforms ensuring seamless communication and collaboration for your users. With a standard C interface, the TeamSpeak® SDK can be easily integrated into high-level programming languages.

No matter what technology your application is using, the TeamSpeak® SDK will fit


Client and server authentication based on public and private keys with optional server-wide or per-channel AES encryption of voice data.

Alternatively, you can implement your custom authentication and encryption.


TeamSpeak® provides 2 options for your internal communications systems.

For ease of implementation you can take advantage of our TeamSpeak 3 Server / Client software. Simply download and install the server software on your own host or internal box, and install the TS3 Client on each users PC, Mac or smart phone.

You are required to have a Corporate license for your TS3 Server Software Click here to request more information.

Alternatively, for a more integrated solution, we have the TeamSpeak® Software Development Kit (SDK), that gives you simple access to our core technology directly within your own systems.

SDK Licensing

Ideal for organisations, software developers or studios who wish to integrate TeamSpeak® voice communication solutions into a product or application.

TeamSpeak 3 SDK licensing is customized to your project and revenue model.

A no-charge, no-obligation trial license for evaluation and development/testing is available.

Please email us at [email protected] for more information.